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The Rapp Report: Chronic Pain Awareness

Jul 2020

E16 Dr. Linda Cheek, M.D. On Addiction and Dependence

July 21, 2020

Linda S. Cheek, MD is a retired family practice/pain management physician. Trained in conventional medicine, she found quickly in her practice that it doesn’t heal disease, so she studied multiple traditional (and futuristic) forms of healing medicine, from herbal to energetic and incorporated those into her practice.

Linda was born in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC, graduating from George C. Marshall High School. She got her Bachelors in Biology at the University of Texas at Austin. She then became a secondary science teacher in her first life as she moved around the country and world as an Air Force wife. She also got a Masters in Guidance and Counseling at Phillips University.

Many of her years as an Air Force wife were spent in San Antonio, Texas. Deciding there to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor, she got her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Finally achieving her ambition to become a doctor, she did her residency in Family Practice at Roanoke Carilion Hospital. She moved to rural Southwest Virginia to serve the underserved, and set up practice in Pulaski County, at the edge of Appalachia.  

Through the course of her practice, she led many patients to healing their chronic diseases, from fibromyalgia to heart disease and diabetes.


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