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The Rapp Report: Chronic Pain Awareness

Sep 2020

E25 Chronic Pain Chronicles: Barb Layne

In this episode we interview chronic pain patient, Barb Layne. Barb has been a chronic pain patient since an automobile accident in 1999. She had her pain managed and under control until about 3 years ago. Since then, she has been stigmatized as an addict, a drug seeker, and told by several doctors that her pain is psychological, despite having fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, and CRPS. 

Sep 2020

E24 A Call To Action For Pain Awareness Month

September marks the start of pain awareness month. As such, I have a few favors to ask. First off, share our podcast across social media. Share it with family. Share it with friends. Tag friends and family when you post our episodes and ask them to do the same. Let's raise awareness like never before during Pain Awareness Month. Second, email Dennis Prager and encourage him to be on our show so he can share his experiences. You can email Mr. Prager at Third, be sure to check out Lauren and Shasta of CIAAG's new dossier, A Crisis Exploited. You can find it at 


Thank you all for all of your support. 

Aug 2020

E23 Claudia Merandi, Founder of The National Don’t Punish Pain Rally and The Doctor Patient Forum

In this episode, we interview Claudia Merandi, founder of the Don't Punish Pain Rally and also of The Doctor Patient Forum. Claudia has been an advocate for several years now, and founded the Don't Punish Pain Rally to bring national attention to the destructive impact of the 2016 CDC guidelines on the chronic pain community. Be sure to check out the national Don't Punish Pain Rally Facebook page,, and also The Doctor Patient Forum.

Aug 2020

E22 Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, 2020 Vice Presidential Nominee For The Libertarian Party

In this episode, we interview 2020 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee, Jeremy "Spike" Cohen. Spike won the nomination on May 24th of this year. Together with Jo Jorgensen, Spike wants to tackle the most important issues concerning The American people, especially with healthcare. Spike believes in individual freedom, especially in the doctor's office, and that big government and law enforcement agencies have no place in the doctor's office with you. That healthcare shouldn't be micromanaged by unelected bureaucrats. 

Be sure to check out their website and get to know both Jo and Spike and what they stand for at

Aug 2020

E21 Lawrence and Rhonda Favero, California Don’t Punish Pain Rally Representatives

In this episode we interview Lawrence and Rhonda Favero, organizers of the Don't Punish Pain Rallies for the great State of California. 


You can find more information for the California Don't Punish Pain Rallies on their Facebook Page:


Aug 2020

E20 Johnna Magers, Founder and CEO of The American Pain and Disability Foundation

Johnna Magers has 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is a chronic pain patient. She started trying to help the disabled several years ago when this crisis started for herself. The mission of The American Pain and Disability Foundation  includes encouraging and enabling self-advocacy: maintaining their highest level of functioning possible; stopping the stigma surrounding those who are in pain management, due to chronic pain or painful disabilities.  Encouraging that they be treated with respect so they can retain their dignity. 

Be sure and check out their website:

Aug 2020

E19 Red Lawhern, Chronic Pain Patient Advocate

Richard A “Red” Lawhern, Ph.D., has advocated for pain patients and their family members for over twenty years, with online research, physician referrals, authoring of websites and critical commentaries. Red is also the Director of Research for the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain (ATIP.)


You can find a list of his publications and interviews at

Jul 2020

E18 The Prosecution of Doctors and Propaganda Campaign

In this episode we discuss the witch hunt against pain doctors in the United States, particularly that of Dr. Steven Henson of Wichita, Kansas, who is now serving a life sentence. We also discuss the propaganda campaign being used against doctors and pain patients that fuels this opioid hysteria. 

Jul 2020

E17 Cathy Kean, Chronic Pain Warrior

In this episode, we interview Cathy Kean. Cathy is a chronic pain warrior and a very active and outspoken member of the chronic pain community. Not only does she deal with her own pain, but she advocates for others suffering from excruciating pain, and whose lives have been devastated by the opioid hysteria. In particular, she raises awareness of the thousands of people who have succumbed to their pain and taken their own lives. 


Visit her Facebook page here:

Jul 2020

E16 Dr. Linda Cheek, M.D. On Addiction and Dependence

Linda S. Cheek, MD is a retired family practice/pain management physician. Trained in conventional medicine, she found quickly in her practice that it doesn’t heal disease, so she studied multiple traditional (and futuristic) forms of healing medicine, from herbal to energetic and incorporated those into her practice.

Linda was born in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC, graduating from George C. Marshall High School. She got her Bachelors in Biology at the University of Texas at Austin. She then became a secondary science teacher in her first life as she moved around the country and world as an Air Force wife. She also got a Masters in Guidance and Counseling at Phillips University.

Many of her years as an Air Force wife were spent in San Antonio, Texas. Deciding there to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor, she got her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Finally achieving her ambition to become a doctor, she did her residency in Family Practice at Roanoke Carilion Hospital. She moved to rural Southwest Virginia to serve the underserved, and set up practice in Pulaski County, at the edge of Appalachia.  

Through the course of her practice, she led many patients to healing their chronic diseases, from fibromyalgia to heart disease and diabetes.


Learn more on Linda's website:


And at Doctors and Patients of Courage:

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